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A workshop to rethink transportation in Taiwan

Nothing is more unspoiled than the fantasy of a child. They are honest and do not see obstacles or impossibilities. Children are the inventors, creators and professionals of tomorrow. Together with fellow designer Pim van Baarsen we were commissioned by the government of Taiwan to give a workshop to 100 hundred untamed young minds.

With an estimated population of more than 2.6 million people, transportation is an important thing in Taipei. By letting children rethink the way we move, and offer simple building materials, something new and original might grow. What may happen if children can invent their ideal way of transportation without limits? For two days, the City Hall lobby was be a free-state for inspiration. A place where creativity can flow. We welcome the next generation of makers!


We presented the children with a wide array of materials and objects found throughout the city’s colorful collection of tiny shops. Using bits of pipe, wire, blocks of wood, fabric and using tools to cut up and assemble these materials together, the children were able to build their own personal dream of the future of transportation. Dozens of beautifully conceived models resulted.

A podium to present their ideas 

Ideas of children are often genius. Too genius to keep them between the walls of the school. That’s why we created a podium to exhibit their products and put a spotlight on them. The exhibition became a source of pride for both the children involved and the broader public alike. The exhibition traveled for 2 moths through Taiwan. 

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