MEDICINES IN RURAL NEPAL Case study about use of medicines


Commissioned by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nepal, Super Local went to the rural areas to investigate the use of medicines. Some of the biggest problems are based on the high level of illiteracy in Nepal. In combination with the poor explanation of drugs, villagers just don’t know how to correctly use their drugs.

“What problems do they face and in what way can they gain control over their own health?”




To get a clear picture of the issues surrounding medication, this case study followed the medicines from the factory in Kathmandu to the end user in de rural areas up to the Indian border. Every single part of the chain was researched and experts through the whole range were interviewed. From factory employees, wholesalers and pharmacists to doctors, social workers and medical students.


Besides problems found in fake medication, middlemen and illegal import from India and China, the biggest problems arise by misinformation and ignorance of the end user. Result is overuse, consumption in combination with alcohol and  unfinished courses.



Response to these complications three concepts were developed, based on visual interpretation of medication. The concepts vary from inexpensive and easy implementable solutions to more complex ideas, all based on a visual explanation with icons and drawings.